If you are going to a used car dealership in Pueblo, make sure you know which car and model you intend to buy. Then spend some time doing your homework about the car’s value. In addition, you should use this list of the 10 questions so that you make an informed choice at the used car dealer in Pueblo.

1) Is the car certified? Can I have a look at the pre-certificate inspection report?

Before a car gets certified, it is mandatory for it to be inspected. Hence, request the used car dealer in Pueblo for the documentation prior to the car being certified. This will give you an idea of what was fixed. Also, this document may come to good stead in the future.

2) From whom was the car purchased?

When looking to buy a used car in Pueblo, it is important to find out the origins of the car. If the car was traded in, request the dealer to show you the maintenance records. You can ask them to erase the owner’s name and address. In case the car was purchased in an auction, ensure you get a mechanic, who inspects the car minutely to ascertain the issues it may have.

3) Who has certified the car?

It is prudent to remember that when you ask a used car dealership in Pueblo about certification, do not get taken in by all the acronyms the dealer may throw. The only certification worthwhile is a manufacturer certified second-hand car.

4) How long a test drive can I take?

 Test drive the car in city & highway conditions & long enough until you are totally satisfied. Test things like engine power, acceleration, smoothness of the ride, overall feel of the vehicle etc.

5) Do you provide the CarFax report before the purchase of the used car?

A reputable used car dealership in Pueblo will have no qualms about furnishing the CarFax report to you. Make sure the VIN listed in the report matches the VIN on the used car.

6) What is your return policy?

Don’t be surprised if the dealership laughs at your question. However, it is important you find one that is consumer-friendly. While the dealer will not offer the cash back, you should have the option to exchange the vehicle if you finish major issues with it.

7) What is the cash price for the car?

If you intend to take a car loan to buy a used car in Pueblo, you may not benefit from the purchase as the dealer would have to do the paperwork for the finance. However, if you are willing to pay cash up front for the car, it will save the dealership paperwork and hence, they should not hesitate to knock off a bit from the sale price. Check which is more beneficial – financing or cash – and decide accordingly.

8) Does the used car come with new equipment?

Find out if the dealer is ready to throw in a new set of tires or even a timing belt if the car is approaching 100,000 miles. You can get these freebies if you ask for them.

9) What service has the car been subjected to at the dealership?

Find out the service the car has undergone since the dealership acquired it. This will let you ascertain the value you are getting. If the car has had a complete overhaul, it will not require service repairs in the short-term.

10) Do you take trade-ins?

If you already have a car, you can get the price of the car deducted from the used car’s price. This way, you will be able to get rid of your old car and get the new one quickly and also without any hassle. These are some of the questions that you should ask a used car dealer in Pueblo before you make your final choice. At CarPros,a prominently used car dealership in Pueblo, our service personnel will patiently answer all your queries and doubts regarding our used cars for sale in Pueblo. Our aim is to ensure full-satisfaction for our customers so that they have a pleasurable and longer lasting driving experience.