The thrill of getting into a brand new car that no one has ever driven is worth letting go of for all the amazing benefits that a pre-owned car offers. Even if you can afford to buy an unused car, you must seriously consider its other alternative. The following advantages that used cars can afford you make a strong case for the same.

1) All the depreciation for nothing

It’s a sad fact that a car loses a significant amount of its value as soon as it is driven out of the showroom. Add a couple of more years and you will be driving a vehicle in a condition as good as new but with a drastically reduced price tag. Now, if you have the opportunity of owning this same vehicle and paying less than half the price than you would have had you bought it new, why should you not avail of it?

2) The quality of cars has gone supremely high

Take good care of a car and you can make it last indefinitely, in today’s time. Leave alone expensive luxury cars, even budget cars are made with such extreme precision and quality standards that one could easily drive them for more than a decade without a slightest problem. In a situation like this, the state of a car being previously owned does not in any practical way affect the condition of a car – it could be virtually the same as it was when the car was first purchased – and getting it at a highly reduced price makes for an unmistakably good deal.

3) You can buy a ‘better’ car for the same amount of money

You can get a far more luxurious and sophisticated car for the money you’d spend if only you are ready to trade in a few thousand miles of usage for all the goodness. The added features you’ll get will make everyday driving more comfortable and enjoyable for you – and for a well-maintained three or so years old vehicle, you won’t even notice the difference between old and new.

4) There exists the tag of Certified Pre-Owned to eliminate any uncertainties about the vehicle

One big excuse people had in the past for not buying a pre-owned car was that there couldn’t be 100% surety on the condition of the car. And now the various Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs have done away with it. For a vehicle to get the CPO label, it must undergo stringent quality checks by either the manufacturer or a dealership – and especially those done by the manufacturer are almost always quite fool-proof. So if you like to be amply sure of your purchases, go the CPO route for car shopping.

5) The side-costs of car-ownership are much lower in the case of used cars

You have to pay lower insurance premiums for used cars. Moreover, in many states the registration of an old vehicle costs lower as well. So you’re saving a grand lot of money, directly and indirectly, when you choose a pre-loved vehicle over a new one.

Let buying a car be a practical decision for you and not an emotional one; those exhilarating emotions will last a very short while, the practical benefits will continue to show for years.

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