The cost factor alone may not be enough for you to decide between buying a new car and buying a pre-loved one. You must consider several other factors before you make up your mind and go on to invest your money in it. Here are a few points to give you a perspective into which of the two would be perfect for you.

1) If you are a gadget freak and love new features: buy new car

The most enticing part about a new car for tech freaks is the new, breakthrough features that go into it. If you get an adrenaline rush thinking of the sexy tech that new vehicles are brimming with, you must go on to reward yourself with a new car if you can comfortably afford one.

2) If you cannot invest a lot of time and money in maintaining your vehicle: buy a new car

If you often forget about car service schedules you certainly need a vehicle that doesn’t consume too much of your bandwidth. A new car might just be a better choice for you, given that used cars often need more frequent maintenance. As an owner of a brand new car, you can, at least for the first few hours, keep driving around with bare minimum visits to the service center.

3)If you want the same driving comfort for much lesser money: buy a pre-owned car

Now this one is the most obvious of all but people still end up ignoring the financial aspect and taking an emotional decision into buying a new car when a pre-owned or used car would have clearly served them better.Buying a certified pre-owned car from a used car dealership in Pueblo lets you have a well-maintained and reliable vehicle for a lot less than what the same model would cost in its new avatar. There is a fair chance you can get a rather new used cars that haven’t been driven much and consequently retain a good deal of their new-feel.

4) If you want additional safety features for a particular reason: buy new car

 While used cars may not be that old in themselves, they may not have all the sophisticated safety features that the latest ones come decked with. So if you live in a place with a high road accident rate, or often travel on rugged roads in rough weather, you may want a car loaded with the best possible safety features. An older model may or may not have the safety features you need.

5) If fuel efficiency is a major concern: buy a new car

With all the raging environmental debates and the demand to make transportation as cheap as possible, car companies are coming up with a smarter fuel economy cars year after year. So if you drive a lot, fuel costs may really add up and you may want to seek a car that stretches your gasoline reserves as far as possible. A new car, in most cases, is likely to have a better fuel efficiency and may be the right choice for you. However, at CarPros, a used car dealer Pueblo, you can find rather new models of used cars that score quite as well as new cars in the mileage department.

6) If you want to save a bomb on insurance and sales tax: buy pre-owned car

Used cars are not only priced lower, but they also translate to significantly lower sales tax and insurance premiums. So you save a good deal of money year after year just by choosing to buy a vehicle that has been owned for a while by someone else. Lesser periodic spending is a blessing for everybody – even if you can afford to spend more, it’s a delight to save money that you can use for other things that make you happy.If you want to buy used car in Pueblo, CarPros offers you a fantastic range with all models in all price ranges. We have a huge collection of certified pre-owned cars should you want something that has been driven very little and is as good as new or something that is economical. Reach out to us for any further questions and we will be happy to advise you!