Winters are already there and it's high time you prep up your car for the season. Driving in the cold weather is certainly tough. Preparing your car for the season will ensure smooth and safe driving experience and reduced car maintenance expense.

Here we some expert tips to make your winter ready.

1) Install Winter Tires

As the name suggests, winter tires are better suited for driving in snow as compared to conventional tires. A special rubber used in winter tires allows them to grip snow and ice better to ensure optimum traction.

It is also advisable that you check the air pressure in all tires as well as the spare tire. Due to the cold air, the pressure in your tires can drop dramatically making it tough to drive in snow. Also, make sure to keep a tire changing kit in your car.

2) Check Wipers and Windshield Washer Fluid

If your wipers are low on performance, noisyor appear worn out its time you change them. During snowfall, ice, snow, rain or hail will fall on your windshield and your wipers will need to work extra hard to clear the windshield.

Check the washer fluid also as you would need to use a lot of it to keep your windshield clean. Do not put anything other than the washer fluid in the reservoir to prevent the fluid from freezing.

3) Change Oil

Change engine oil to synthetic as unlike conventional oil it will not thicken up due to the temperature drop. Hence, the oil will flow better and reduce the chances of engine wearing out during snowy winter months.

4) Check Battery

Have your car battery checked as it is critical to have a well-performing battery. This will ensure your car gets started and running through the season.

5) Check Brakes

Your brakes should be in optimum condition and therefore needs to be thoroughly checked along with hoses and engine belts. This is very important to ensure your safety and that of others on the road as your car will need to glide through snow and ice.

6) Get your A/C and Exhaust Systems Checked

Your car depends on the air conditioning system to defrost and de-humidify the insides of your car. Hence, it is very important the air conditioning system in your car is working efficiently in winters.

The exhaust system of your car should also be checked at the onset of the winter system. The exhaust system prevents leakage in exhaust pipes. Leaking exhaust pipes are dangerous as they could cause carbon monoxide poisoning and also reduce the efficiency of your car.

7) Check Block Heater

Before the start of the peak winter season check the block heater in your vehicle to ensure there are no tears or cracks anywhere in the heater, cord or outlet.

8) Pack Emergency Supplies

Keep a kit in your car that contains emergency use items such as bottled water, some dry snacks, health bars, first aid kit, and an extra winter coat.

Likewise, you should also keep a separate emergency kit for your car, which should include extra oil, booster cables, windshield washer fluid, flashlight, lock de-icer, ice scraper, a bag of salt or gravel, a shovel, safety triangles, and some chains for your tires.

9) Get Your Car Checked by a Pro.

Get your vehicle checked by an automotive professional to check its efficiency and get it ready for the season. At CarPros, our technicians will thoroughly check the car for its functioning and ensure it’s ready to face the harsh winter season.

While cold weather is unavoidable especially if you live in a region that faces a harsh weather, preparing your car for the winter season is a necessary precaution that you must take to ensure a safe and smooth ride in winter weather.