John E. Gordon - - - -

The folks over at Car Pros are genuine people who know how to treat customers right. I’ve known the Nardini’s for a long time. Honest as the days are long. Danae Straton is the one you need to see. Get there, go there.. if’n you need a good ride.

Tanya Scott - - - -

My husband has already done a review for CarPros, (and for him to do one says something about this place! ) but our experience here was such an amazing one, I have to do one as well. Jeff was our salesman and he is awesome. At one point we couldn't come up with all the info the bank needed......since our car was stolen the previous week we had no ride home! Jeff took us home. He didn't give up.....a couple hours later we received a call from him asking if we were at home. He made it happen and came all the way back to our house to get us! They usually close at 6 and by this time it was 8:30, and he stayed (and would of stayed way later) until he got our deal done. The finance manager stayed also. (Sorry I can't remember your name) Thank you Jeff for being more than a car salesman. You were very personal, professional, and made me and my husband's life livable again. Customer service and caring is out of this world! Anyone who buys a car anywhere else is insane! CarPros has my business for life!

Linda Garcia - - - -

My husband and I arrived at CarPros with the sole intention of test driving a particular vehicle we found online, however we were notified it had sold. Greg Wilson talked to us for a bit and we test drove a couple different ones, but were still not satisfied. We decided to call it a day and head home.

Greg looked determined; like he knew there was something to fit our need & price. He dipped back into the office and we began to leave. After about 30 seconds he came out like a man on a mission. His eye's seized in place and focused on the garage across the street. He asked us to follow him and out of curiosity, we did.

He showed us a car that arrived just the other day. It was a beautiful white Jeep Liberty. We test drove and turned on the radio. It just so happen that our soon to be grandson's song was playing. It rang out as if the universe was giving us a sign. We'd test driven so many cars we'd lost count already. All of them...not so great. As it turns out this was the one. I fell in love with this vehicle!

Greg was a delight to talk to and get to know. When you're buying a car it's about putting your trust in someone else in a very limited amount of time. It was very clear from the start that Greg is a man of his word. It has been several months and several more miles since our purchase. We've had no problems whatsoever.

Thank you, Greg, we'll be back again!!!

Jordan Marsh - - - -

I am a recent college grad working two different jobs and my car broke down on a Sunday night.  Thanks to Car Pros, by the next evening, I had a new car that I loved.  I did an application online after browsing the inventory and finding a cute blue car.  I promptly received a phone call and Spuzz answered all of my questions.  He came to pick me up in the car so I could test-drive it and helped me through the buying process.  Ryan, the general manager, helped me get an insurance policy that was more affordable for me and Tracy was sure that I got the warranties and gap insurance I needed as well!  Three months later, I'm going in for my first oil change, that they're allowing me to do last minute and for a good price!  They go above and beyond for their customers!  Thank you!

Sara Domer - - - -

Right away we were treated like family by ALL the employees we dealt with! Danae was so sweet and patient with our two little ones while we handled business, and was straight up with us all the way. We got top dollar for our trade and into a safe, comfortable, and reliable vehicle! We WILL be back! Thanks so much everyone, especially Danae!

Heather Nightlinger - - - -

I was exhausted and ready to give up on my search for a new vehicle. I decided to look at one last vehicle I had found online at CarPros. Wow! I wish I would have came here first!! Salespeople Anthony and John were super helpful and friendly. They were not pushy at all. Anthony in finance worked hard to get me the best rate. Vehicles were fairly priced. I feel I got a great deal on my new SUV! I would highly suggest using these guys!!

Dawn Busch - - Toyota Venza

I just bought my Toyota Venza from Anthony at CarPros! What an awesome experience. Anthony was so fun to work with, I told him what I would like and what price I budgeted for and they got me in this classy SUV. Definitely would recommend CarPro to anyone. There was some dirt on the car mats and some rain spots on the windshield and the owner saw it and said, " oh no this will not work, give us a few minutes and we'll get it cleaned for you"! Very pleased with the whole crew there. Then yesterday I got a pretty box in the mail, it was two mugs and muffins with a hand written thank you note from Anthony! Wow what a sweet surprise. Thank you all, I couldn't be happier with my purchasing experience!

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Emily White - 2013 Nissan Xterra

I had my car stolen recently and from the get-go, Pro-Masters was amazing. They offered to help fix my car, were honest about their appraisal and once my car was deemed totaled, they helped me navigate the extremely tedious and arduous insurance process. 

After that, Pro-Masters asked what kind of car I was interested in purchasing to replace my previous one, found me my dream car, helped me get an AMAZING rate through a local financier, and got me into my new vehicle.

I've had it a few days now and have put almost 150 miles on it with absolutely no surprises or problems. 


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